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Dental Health in Pets

February 04, 2020

Spoiler alert: there may be free samples in your future!

Dental Care 101

With February being Pet Dental Health Month, Dr. Haley wanted to do a vlog about the importance of healthy teeth in pets. She also has some suggestions for food, chews, and products you can use to help keep your pet's teeth in good condition. DYK dog (and cat!) teeth need to be brushed every day?? I don't know about you, but with 2 pets at home, that can be a challenge. Dr. Haley talks about your options and alternatives.

Food We Love

One diet designed to help with your pet's dental health is Hill's Prescription Diet t/d. T/d is available for dogs and cats and only comes in dry kibble. The larger size encourages your pet to chew the pieces instead of "woofing" it down (not that mine would do that…) so that is helping to remove the plaque. The video in the link above shows exactly how t/d works, and there's nothing else quite like it on the market. Pro tip: you can use t/d as treats for your cat! (While cats are just as susceptible to dental disease as dogs, the pups have the advantage on dental treats.) T/d is available for purchase in our hospital or through our online pharmacy. (Just keep in mind that it is a prescription diet so we'll have to have seen your pet here within the last year.)

Dental Chews We Love

Check out this adorable video for C.E.T Veggiedent Fr3sh Chews! We like these because they're shaped in a way that enables them to reach all the parts of your dog's teeth. They're made of plant-based ingredients so they're easy to digest and are safe for pet's on moderate-low calorie diets. You can purchase these in our hospital or through our online pharmacy.

This video from OraVet Dental Hygiene Chews explains how these chews differ from any other on the market. They use a 2-fold approach to removing plaque and tartar while fighting the bacteria in your dog's mouth that causes bad breath. Again, you can purchase these here in our hospital, or through our online pharmacy.

Other Products We Love

Dentahex Oral Rinse is a great product you can use daily for dogs and cats. It's like a mouthwash that helps fight plaque.

Enzadent Toothbrush Kit is the ultimate kit to get your pet started on a toothbrushing routine. It's great for dogs and cats. It comes with toothpaste, a finger brush, and a toothbrush.

(Check out the 2 videos in our playlist at the end of Dr. Haley's video for a step-by-step on how to brush your dog or cat's teeth.)

Both of these products can be purchased in our hospital.

What if Your Pet Needs a Dental Cleaning?

As a pet mom, even one who works at a veterinary hospital, I was concerned when the doctor told me my pet would need a dental cleaning next year. He's my baby boy and those emotions override the logical part of my brain that knows he'll be just fine. Now, I know he'll be fine because I see pets getting dental cleanings every day. I know exactly what happens from start to finish. But many of you haven't had the opportunity to do that! So we put together a presentation that Dr. Haley talked about in the video. Take a moment to check out Oreo's Dental to get a first-hand look at what each pet will experience, step-by-step when they come in for a dental.

Ok, Now for the Fun Part!

For those of you who are in it to win it and watched the whole video and read to the end, we're giving you an opportunity to snag a free sample of dental treats for your dog or cat! All you need to do is answer these 4 short questions correctly and you'll have a sample of the C.E.T Veggiedent Fr3sh for your pup waiting for you to pick up starting Monday the 10th. Or for our cat owners, I mean servants, starting Friday the 7th you can come by for a sample of t/d to give your favorite feline!

Thanks for watching, reading and playing!!